Alaska Teacher & Personnel Virtual Job Fair

April 05, 2024, 09:00 am to 12:00 pm AK

About the Event

This event is for United States citizens only.  This job fair is not for J1 Visa candidates. There will be opportunities in the future for J1 visa candidates.

Registering for the  Alaska Teachers & Personnel Virtual  Job Fair gives you a wonderful opportunity to talk to Alaska's school districts and learn about our job opportunities and our unique communities without the cost of travel. Make sure you take time to visit several school districts and get your questions answered. School district personnel are looking for excellent teachers to work in our schools. If you have a love for educating children and a sense of adventure, Alaska is the perfect place for you to start or continue your teaching career. Register now for your opportunity to teach in the Last Frontier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need access to the Internet, a web browser (Chrome or Firefox are preferred) and you will need access to Zoom. We expect you to use a desktop or laptop computer to benefit from the full features of the event.
You login from this page using the email id that you used to register yourself as an attendee.
This is our most common request for help, and the new ATP Applitrack database has its own help desk, and tutorials. You can find help with filling out the new resume forms and other associated documents here:
» Applitrack System Help
This is complicated question, as each district has its own pay scale. There is no statewide pay scale.
Alaska does not call it that, but the short answer is "yes", if you are certified, and completed a pre-service teacher preparation program from an accredited school. There is a lot to know about this, and we've done our best to pull it together on the Getting Certified page.
Ah, another very common question. We created a separate page just to answer this one. The short answer is "Maybe" ;-)
» Foreign Teachers Working in Alaska
We strongly suggest that you post your general questions to the ATP Forum. There is a very helpful group of Alaska teachers, principals and other administrators, as well as some state education officials, who regularly answer questions there.
Don't forget that this forum is fully searchable and you can find lots of good advice from those who came before you. When YOU get to be an Alaskan teacher, please continue to assist those interested in learning about teaching in our state by contributing your experiences and advice.